Solar Panel Maintenance in Texas

Solar Panel Cleaning in Texas

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Texas

Phoenix Renewable Services is now offer commercial solar panel cleaning, commercial solar panel maintenance, commercial solar panel monitoring and diagnostics in Texas!


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Solar panels are composed of solar cells that convert solar energy into electricity. Solar cell surfaces can get dirty and covered in dust or debris, which will reduce the amount of solar energy they produce. If you want to keep your solar panels as efficient as possible while saving on your bills, it's important to clean them regularly.

This article will explore solar panel cleaning, its importance, how it should be done, and who can offer these services.


When Do You Need to Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

Generally, solar panels should be cleaned once a year. This is because solar panel surfaces get dirty over time from solar energy and dust.

Some solar panels come with an anti-soiling coating that reduces the amount of solar particles deposited on solar cells and thus helps to keep them clean for longer periods. However, this coating will eventually wear out, and solar panels will need to be washed.

Solar panel cleaning should also be done whenever solar panels are being maintained or painted.

If solar cell surfaces get dirty from dust or other particles, this reduces the amount of solar energy they can collect and their overall efficiency. Not only that, but solar cells may not be able to produce solar energy if they are covered in dirt and dust, as solar cells work best when solar particles hit them directly.

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How are Solar Panels Cleaned in Texas?


There are several solar panel cleaning methods. To properly clean solar panels, solar panels need to be soaked in a water solution with detergents and then rinsed off. This is known as the wet cleaning method.

Another way to clean solar panels is by using compressed air to blow off solar particles from solar cell surfaces. The disadvantage of using compressed air is that solar particles may be blown into other solar panels or solar cell surfaces, which could end up getting them dirty as well.

An alternative method of solar panel cleaning involves attaching a vacuum to each solar panel and then plunging it in water. While this works well at cleaning solar cells, you need to ensure that the solar panels are completely dry before exposing them to solar particles.

When cleaning solar panels, solar panel gaskets should also be considered. Solar panel gaskets seal solar cells from the elements and keep solar cell surfaces protected. Regularly checking solar panel gaskets is important as if they become damaged or malfunctioning, it can cause water to enter solar panels and damage solar cells.

Solar Panel Cleaning Mistakes

Make sure you avoid making these commercial solar panel cleaning mistakes. Some solar panel cleaning mistakes include:

  • Not removing solar panels from the solar panel frame
  • Not cleaning solar panels in a garage or on an area covered with plastic sheeting
  • Moving solar panels around after they have been cleaned, as this can cause solar particles to fall off them and coat other solar cell surfaces
  • Allowing water from solar panel cleaning to enter solar cells or solar panel frames
  • Not using the correct solar panel cleaning chemicals
  • Not allowing solar panels time to dry completely before exposing them to solar energy

If you need commercial solar planning cleaning in Texas, contact us today. We'll help you make solar panels cleaner and solar energy more efficient.

When cleaning solar panels, DO NOT:

  • Use high-pressure sprays
  • Step on the solar panel
  • Use abrasives
  • Use detergent or harsh chemicals
  • Press down hard when using a squeegee (you risk scratching the solar panel with debris caught in the squeegee)
  • Use hard materials to scrape off caked-on grime and bird droppings
  • Remove snow with a snow rake (doing this can void the solar panel warranty)

Don’t worry if you damaged the solar panel. Our solar system repair services can effectively deal with such situations.

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