Solar Panel Cleaning Arizona

Solar Panel Cleaning in Arizona

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Arizona

When, Why and How


Solar Panel Cleaning


The main reason for cleaning solar panels in Arizona is to maintain their efficiency. The dry sunshine and dust have an effect on the overall efficiency so it is important that solar panels be cleaned often. According to research, the reduction in power output of a dirty panel in the American region ranges, specifically Solar Panels in Arizona between 1.4% to 8% annually.

People usually leave it up to the rain to do most of the cleaning, which is not very effective in Arizona. But occasional solar panel cleaning should be done to keep them running at peak efficiency and to reduce the risk of cell circuitry failure due to dust. Phoenix Renewable Services (ie: offers Solar Panel Cleaning in Phoenix Arizona as well as other parts of Arizona and California.

Solar panel cleaning should be a regular part of solar system maintenance, along with electrical testing, mechanical inspection, vegetation mitigation, thermal imaging, etc.

When is Solar Panel Cleaning Required?

One size does not fit all. Instead of cleaning the solar panel a certain number of times in a year, let the condition of the solar panel dictate the cleaning frequency.

Rainwater attracts dust that forms a layer of grime. The grime build-up will vary depending on the amount of rainfall and dust in your area. The last cells in the array accumulate most of the debris and grime because of the runoff. In Arizona, the dust bombards the panels every day so cleaning the solar panels more often is recommended.

Arizona, California, and Nevada receive ample rainfall. Once the rainy season is over, be sure to check whether the solar panels need to be cleaned.

Dead leaves, debris, dust, and runoff water can collect over time and create unwanted shade. The shade reduces the amount of sunlight hitting the PV cells, reducing their efficiency.

Also, bird droppings can collectively cover a large enough area to reduce a panel’s power output. Thus, bird droppings should be cleaned off periodically with gentle scrubbing.

How are Solar Panels Cleaned in Arizona?

Solar panels should be cleaned with deionized water, as tap and distilled water can attract dust build-up. Also, solar cells should be scrubbed gently with a sponge or soft cloth.

Phoenix Renewable Services' cleaning technique complies with the manufacturer's specifications to uphold the warranty and increase the longevity of your solar panels. We take care to prevent calcium build-up, spotting, and shading while avoiding micro-cracks.

If you see a noticeable dip in performance even after cleaning, solar system monitoring can pinpoint the issue for you.

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Things to Avoid When Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are approximately 0.20mm thick, and susceptible to cracks and scratches.

When cleaning solar panels, DO NOT:

  • Use high-pressure sprays
  • Step on the solar panel
  • Use abrasives
  • Use detergent or harsh chemicals
  • Press down hard when using a squeegee (you risk scratching the solar panel with debris caught in the squeegee)
  • Use hard materials to scrape off caked-on grime and bird droppings
  • Remove snow with a snow rake (doing this can void the solar panel warranty)

Don’t worry if you damaged the solar panel. Our solar system repair services can effectively deal with such situations.

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We ensure your solar panels remain spotless and keep operating at maximum efficiency.

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