Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance New Mexico

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance in New Mexico

Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance in New Mexico

Solar Panel Cleaning in New Mexico

Phoenix Renewable Services is now offer commercial solar panel cleaning, commercial solar panel maintenance, commercial solar panel monitoring and diagnostics in New Mexico!


Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance New Mexico


Do You Own Solar Panels in New Mexico?

When it comes to solar panel monitoring in New Mexico, proper cleaning and maintenance are key for extending the life of these powerful machines.

Phoenix Renewable Services is the solar panel leader in New Mexico. We offer commercial <a href="">solar panel cleaning</a> and maintenance, as well as diagnostics and ongoing monitoring.


More About Solar Panels...

Solar panels generate electricity through solar cells that convert energy from the sun. Solar panel efficiency is achieved by regular maintenance and cleaning.

When solar panels are not properly maintained or cleaned, debris or dust can accumulate on the surface blocking the sunlight that can enter them to produce solar energy and create electricity.

Neglecting these tasks can also become expensive as the system is not able to produce the normal amount of energy and thus they become less cost-efficient and cost your business more in the long run.

To get the most out of your solar panels and lower your expenses, our solar specialists at Phoenix Renewable Services suggest keeping a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. That's where we come in.

How are Solar Panels Cleaned - Photovoltaic Systems


When Should My Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

The frequency of solar panel cleaning depends on how quickly they accumulate debris and dust. For most people, having their solar panels professionally cleaned once per year is enough. However, it all depends on your specific situation and location of the panels.

Our solar experts will be able to assess your solar panels and location and suggest how often they should be cleaned.

If you have solar panels that feature an anti-soiling coating, you can keep them clean longer but they still need to be maintained. Eventually, the protective coating wears out requiring solar panels to be cleaned often once again.

Solar panels will also have to be cleaned when they undergo maintenance or are painted.

What is the Solar Panel Cleaning Process?

Phoenix Renewable Services practices various methods for effective solar panel cleaning in New Mexico because of the environment, location of the panels and other factors.

The Wet Cleaning Method

When using the wet cleaning method, solar panels are soaked in a water solution that is combined with detergents. The solar panels are then rinsed off.

Compressed-Air Method

Compressed air can be used to blow off the dust, debris, and solar particles from the surface of the solar panel. This method is not preferred because particles can travel to other solar panels as they are blown off.

Vacuum Method

Another method is to attach a vacuum to every individual solar panel followed by a plunge in water. Solar panels have to completely dry before being exposed to solar particles again.

Cleaning the Gaskets

Along with the solar panels, their gaskets must also be cleaned. These components seal solar cells and keep their surfaces protected for optimum functioning. Keeping these important elements clean prevent solar panel damage that causes dysfunction.

Tips For Correct Cleaning

We follow the these tips plus our strict guidelines for maintenance to ensure your solar panels are properly cleaned:

  • Correct chemicals must be used
  • Panels must dry completely after cleaning
  • Avoid moving panels after cleaning
  • Remove solar panels from frame before cleaning
  • Avoid abrasive components to clean panel

At Phoenix Renewable Services, there are other guidelines that we use in our cleaning protocol to properly clean your solar panels. We assess the needs of each client to create a customized cleaning and maintenance plan.

Besides regular cleanings, we assess each panel for any problem we may detect to ensure they continue to provide top efficiency and performance.

Why Choose Phoenix Renewable Services?

Phoenix Renewable Services is the leader in New Mexico for solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Each one of our trained specialists abides by strict industry regulations.

We follow the cleaning and maintenance specifications provided by the manufacturer. Our team assesses each client and creates a customized plan, along with a recommendation of how they can easily keep a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

Ready to Start Your Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance?

The solar panel experts at Phoenix Renewable Services are ready to start your solar panel maintenance in New Mexico. We help you easily stay current with your solar panel maintenance and cleaning guidelines. You can be rest assured knowing that your solar panels  are being maintained by the best in the business and work at their optimum condition.

Call us today for a consultation and see why Phoenix Renewable Services is the leader in solar panel maintenance in New Mexico!

Don’t worry if you damaged the solar panel. Our solar system repair services can effectively deal with such situations.

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We ensure your solar panels remain spotless and keep operating at maximum efficiency.