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Solar Panel Maintenance
Solar System Retrofitting
Solar Panel Cleaning
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Optimization of solar production for mitigation against loss of revenue


Protection of solar system longevity and asset value over useful life

Risk Mitigation

Reduce financial and operational risk for investors and solar system owners


Visibility over system performance production and potential risks

Phoenix Renewable Services is providing turn-key Solar O&M Solutions to private, public/ municipal and federal facilities across California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Solar PV System Commissioning

Solar PV System Commissioning

Photovoltaic (PV) System commissioning is a critical measure of a solar system. Phoenix encourages a formalized process where a detailed punch-list of items is met so that the integrator is held responsible for their installation. Before the integrator, system owner and investor sign off, an independent party should verify the system to confirm the safety, quality and performance.

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Solar System Maintenance

Preventative & Corrective Maintenance – Phoenix’s in-house engineers and maintenance technicians will maximize system throughput and if necessary, recommend design optimizations to reduce losses.

Preventative Maintenance consists of, but not limited to: mechanical inspection, electrical testing, thermal imaging, PV array maintenance for modules, inverter preventative maintenance, vegetation mitigation and alarm monitoring dispatch.

Based on Phoenix’s experience with power quality and mission critical circumstances, we can efficiently troubleshoot and isolate the cause. After an issue is detected, a plan of action is developed which will lead to immediate correction.

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Solar System Maintenance
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

PV module cleaning is the fundamental element in sustaining performance. Excessively soiled modules can lead to failure to the cell circuitry. Phoenix works with system owners on scheduling which fits their operation and their microclimate. Through the use of de-ionized water and gentle scrubbing method, Phoenix prevents calcium buildup and spotting when compared to conventional cleaning solutions.

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Solar System Monitoring & Diagnostics

The ever-changing integrator and manufacturer landscape may leave system owners and investors at odds with their solar system. Phoenix’s power quality expertise allows it to pinpoint the true source of an issue so that the manufacturer is held accountable for product design/manufacturing defects. We offer 24/7 solar panel monitoring and diagnostics services.

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Solar System Monitoring & Diagnostics
Solar System Landscape Maintenance & Control

Solar System Landscape Maintenance & Control

Mitigating against plant growth which can cause shading or difficulty for potential servicing is another underrated aspect of system maintenance. In addition to potential shading and accessibility, excessive vegetation can foster rodents which may lead to chewed wires.

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Solar System Retrofitting

Solar system components degrade at different rates depending on specific microclimates, quality of parts, workmanship, and mounting method. Phoenix Renewable Services’ experience maintaining and inspecting distributed generation systems throughout the US has exposed our self-perform team to countless scenarios which has earned Phoenix the respect of major project-investors and customers to determine the root-cause and efficiently remedy the issue.

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Solar System Retrofitting

About Us

Phoenix Renewable Services is a leading, independent Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) provider. We provide turn-key Solar O&M Solutions, and we currently service over 250 megawatts of commercial/ industrial, agriculture and utility scale solar projects throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

Phoenix is a licensed C-10 California electrical contractor (C-10 License #1043330) and strictly adheres to OSHA rules and regulations. Our technicians are NEC (NFPA 70E) and NABCEP certified and compliant. Safety training and compliance is Phoenix’s top priority which has led us to zero safety incidents since our inception.

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Phoenix Renewable Services is a leading, independent Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) provider.


Phoenix aspires to be the critical O&M hub for commercial/industrial and utility participants. This is achievable through our lean operations, integrated engineering know-how and goodwill.

Why is Operations & Maintenance (O&M) necessary?

Phoenix Renewable Services provides O&M support for over 250 Megawatts of Solar!

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During the dry season, system soiling losses up to 27% (NREL).

Especially true in regions with arid climates and high levels of operations activity in the system’s environment.